Inside Sales – Dearing

Published: February 5, 2018
Dearing, GA
Job Type


Serve as the on-site sales representative to the branch, assisting the branch team in customer needs, out of stock items, or any missed sales opportunity is also responsible with maintaining delivery schedules, developing customer quotes, and follow up communications with customers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Branch customer service and sells
    • Build a relationship with walk-in customers to service their needs, and build trust with the MNI company brand
    • Assist in selecting, loading, and billing the customers that visit the branch, and coordinating customer deliveries when needed
    • Make sure all customer orders are pulled to the correct area and secured for customer pick up or delivery
    • Suggest inventory needs based on sales, and customer request to stock the yard
    • Work with branch team and regional buyer to order products for customer needs
    • Cold calling potential customer and follow up on sales leads associated with the branch
    • Works directly with outside sales team to drive sales through the branch
  • Coordinate with and assist the MNI Direct operations by:
    • Assist with the health and appeal of the plants in the yard
    • Assist in making sure all items in the yard are priced and signed
  • Perform other duties as required for sales which can include small deliveries to local customers


  • High School Diploma
  • Associate degree in Horticulture field preferred
    • 2 years college preferred

Required Skills & Training

  • OSHA certified to operate MHE and non-CDL delivery truck
  • Product knowledge at an above average level
  • Ability to operate the customer ordering and inventory system
  • Ability to communicate effectively with any and all business associates
  • Above average computer skills with Microsoft Office
  • Expert customer service skills
  • Possess and maintain a valid, clean Georgia Driver’s License

Physical Requirements

  • Prolonged sitting, standing, and driving
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly
  • Ability to work in flexible schedule (M-F)
  • Ability to work in severe weather conditions; both heat and cold
  • Ability to travel and periodically remain overnight
  • Stamina to work until the job is done

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