How Many Plants Do I Need?

How Many Plants to Order?

Use the following table to help determine how many plants you will need to cover a certain area, then use the table at the bottom of this page to figure out how many flats to order.

If you don’t see your coverage area on the chart, use the following formula to calculate how many plants you will need:

(Area in sq. feet) x (Spacing Multiplier) = Number of plants needed


Finding Unknown Spacing Multiplier

On occasion, you may need a spacing multiplier that is not on our chart. Use the following formula to figure the multiplier for your situation:
Multiplier = 144/x², where X = the spacing distance in inches you need

Example: If you need a spacing of 20 inches, your multiplier would be:
144/20² = 144/400 = multiplier of 0.36


General ‘Suggested Spacing’ Guide

** Adjust spacing based on desired coverage time and budget **

These are general suggestions for planting. If you want to make a greater show in your planting before your plants have had time to grow to their fullest, then you might need to add more. If you want a fast spreading plant to keep from filling in too fast, then you might want to not plant as many.


How Many Plants Are in a Flat?

Consult the table below to determine how many plants are provided in a certain number & type of flat: