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​​​​Got questions? Below are answers to a few questions we hear frequently. If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.​​​​

General Questions

Do you sell to the public?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MNI Direct sells to the professional landscape trade only. This includes but is not limited to landscape contractors, design firms, builders, and municipalities.​​​​​​

What are your hours of operation?

Our branches open at 7:00 AM and close at 4:30 PM.Β 
We are open Monday - Friday.Β  Closed Saturday and Sunday.Β 

How do I become a customer?

​​​​​​​​​​​You can go several routes to become a customer. Call or stop by your closest branch, email us through the contact us page, request a login, or email us at Either route you choose, a member of our sales team will contact you to verify your information and get you set up.​​​​​

What is the warranty or guarantee on plant material?

​​​​Guarantee: Clear communication throughout the process with any reasonable adjustments that are fair to both parties. Quality plants are true to name and size.Β T&C link

Website How to?

Do I have to have a business account with you before I can create an online account?

​​​​You can utilize the Request a Login whether you have an existing account with us or not. We will call and verify your existing account or create an account for you during that call.​​​​

How do I create an online account?

​​​​To create an online account, complete the Request a Login on the site. Request A Login​​​​

What happens after I request a login?

​​​​A sales team member will contact you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, to finalize your setup.​​​​

How do I reset my password for my website log in?

​​​​To reset your password, go to the Forgot PasswordΒ section on the login page. You will need to enter your email address associated to your login. Press submit. If you use an email address not associated to the account you will not receive an email to create a new password. It must match the one you use for the login page. You can alsoΒ contact us for help.​​​​

How do I add users to my account?

​​​​​​​​​​​If you are an administrator on your company’s account, you will see a manage sub-accounts link on the Account Dashboard. Here you can add additional users and allow them access to the company account. You can alsoΒ contact us for help.​​​​​

How do I remove users from my account?

​​​​If you are an administrator, you can log in and edit or remove a user on the manage sub-accounts page on the Account Dashboard. You can also contact us for help.​​​​


I put in a quote, when can I expect to hear from someone?

​​​​​​​​​​​A Sales team member will reach out within 24 hours or on the next business day if requested on the weekend.​​​​​

Is that my company's pricing when searching products and adding them to quotes?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When logged in to your company's account you will only see the pricing associated with your company.​​​​​​

How do I determine delivery fees?

​​​​​​​​​​​Freight and delivery cost calculations will be confirmed by a Sales Team member after you have submitted your quote to the branch or on the website.​​​​​

Can I see inventory at multiple locations?

​​​​When you log into your company's account, you will be linked to a β€œHome Store” based on your company's location. The inventory you see with a quantity and in stock is associated with that location. Should you need a store in another location to handle your quote please note that in the comments section of the β€œGet Quote” section of the process.​​​​

Are all of your products available today?

​​​​Our complete product line is on the website for all locations. If you do not see something you are looking for, please reach yourΒ local branch or leave us a note on our contact page.

We have three ways to display what is available.Β 
  • ## in stockΒ - This is the product on the ground in good quantity.Β 
  • ## in stockΒ - This product is in low quantity on the ground.
  • Available to QuoteΒ - These are the products we currently do not have in stock but can provide pricing and lead time for them to arrive.

What does Available to Quote mean on your product list?

The inventory shown on the site is live and will display what is in stock. Β The default for zero quantity is "Available to Quote." Available to Quote means you can add it to your quote and get accurate pricing, but it will need to be sourced before you come to pick it up or schedule delivery.Β 

What is the turnaround time on items that are not in stock (available to quote)?

​​​​We can typically bring in special order material within 5-10 business days. Some exemptions apply based on time of year and availability from suppliers. It is best to speak to a Sales team member to discuss your needs in detail.​​​​

What do I do if I cannot find an item I am looking for?

​​​​If you do not see something you are looking for feel free to reach your local branch or leave us a note on our contact page.​​​​

Account Information

Can I make payments online through my account login?

YES! You can log into your account and navigate to your Account Dashboard, where you will find "My Invoices." Β Once on the My Invoices page, you can select the exact invoice(s) you want to pay and follow the prompt to set up an ACH or Credit Card payment.  ​​​​

How do I apply for a line of credit with MNI Direct?

​​​​We utilize Bectran as a third-party service to ensure the process is secure and efficient for our customers. Link to our Credit Application.​​​​

How do I request a line of credit increase?

You can contact our accounting department by emailingΒ ar@mnidirect.comΒ or dialing 706-699-6290.

Can I pay my account with a credit card and do you charge for this service?

You can pay your statement and/or invoices with a credit card. Β We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We currently do not pass along a service fee for the use of credit cards.Β 

Can I store a secure credit card linked to my customer account at MNI Direct?

​​​​Yes! Β A Blanket Credit Card Authorization for all future orders is required to add a credit card to your account securely. Β By signing this blanket authorization form, you authorize McCorkle Nurseries, Inc. dba MNI Direct to use this information to process the payment on all orders on the delivery or pick up and approved payments on your open balance. Β This blanket authorization requires the customer to notify MNI Direct in advance in the event of termination of this agreement. If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please submit a request to Β ar@mnidirect.comΒ with Subject Line: BCC Authorization. Β We will then send you aΒ linkΒ provided byΒ BectranΒ for you to submit your information securely. Once you are set up, you will receive an email from our accounting department. ​​​​

What types of payments do you accept for accounts receivable balances?

We accept cash, check, ACH, and credit cards.Β 

How do I pay via ACH?

You can contact our accounting department by emailingΒ ar@mnidirect.comΒ or dialing 706-699-6290.

I have a question about my statement, who do I contact?

​​​​You can contact our accounting department by emailing or dialing 706-699-6290.​​​​

Employment Opportunities

How do I apply for a position with MNI Direct?

​​​​​​​​​​​You will fill out a short questionnaire on our website and a representative of MNI Direct will reach out to you within 48 hours of submission. Link to Careers​​​​

What is a typical work schedule?

A typical work week is Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM but this could vary by season and weather.Β 

What positions are you currently hiring for?

​​​​We are always looking for fun, energetic, and talented people to join our team. Use the Career page to let us know about you and what position you might be interested in. We will contact you within 48 hours of submission. Link toΒ Careers​​​​

Ewing Partnership

Eligibility - Terms and Conditions

Only valid Ewing Account Holders may enroll in the Ewing ProAdvantage Program. Program participants must be eligible landscape, irrigation, hardscape and PCO contractors. National accounts, golf courses, municipalities, parks and recreational departments, cities, and schools are not eligible. Ability to earn points is based on purchases and will be redeemed through Next Level Performance. Customer accounts must be in good standing with Ewing with a minimum $5,000 in purchases per year to redeem points. Only one contact per company may enroll in the Program.
Β  Β Terms and Conditions
Β For questions, please contact Ewing at our Points Redemption Customer Service line M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 800.433.7712 or by email at 1. Ewing Outdoor Supply’s ProAdvantage Program β€œProgram” is a customer loyalty program available to professional landscape, irrigation, and lawn care maintenance companies. Information collected by Ewing in connection with the Program enrollment is subject to the Ewing privacy policy, located at 2. Participation in the Program is subject to these program β€œTerm and Conditions”, which may be amended by Ewing without notice. Failure to abide by the Program Terms and Conditions, abuse of the Program privileges, conduct detrimental to the interests of Ewing, or any misrepresentations made to Ewing in connection with the Program may result in the termination of participation in the Program and forfeiture of all accumulated points, at Ewing’s sole discretion. 3. Ewing reserves the right to cancel or modify the Program without notice at any time and for any reason it deems necessary. 4. Eligibility is limited to professional landscape, irrigation, and lawn care maintenance companies headquartered in the United States. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the term β€œProgram Member” shall mean and include a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or sole proprietorship that is enrolled as a qualified member of the Program.

How do I earn points toward my Ewing ProAdvantage Program membership?

You will earn points on all paid invoices once you have met the $5,000 minimumΒ