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Terms & Conditions

  • All deliveries will be paid prior to delivery truck departing the branch. 
  • Delivery fees vary by location and need to be confirmed at the time of purchase with your sales representative. 
  • Our vehicles will deliver curbside only.  They may leave the street after the site has been assessed for safety and the property release statement has been signed.
  • All claims for damaged material or incorrect quantities must be addressed within 48 hours of the delivery.  
  • It is the purchaser's responsibility to unload all items. Our drivers will assist in unloading the purchased items up to 15g material and will require assistance with anything larger. If the driver is not given help to unload, a fee of at minimum $300 or 10% of the total invoice may be added to the delivery fee. 
  • There must be someone present to accept delivery, failure to have someone present may result in a fee of $300.